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We do not offer gluten free products and our kitchen does contain peanut, tree nut, and dairy products!

Cake Flavor Menu


-Devil's Food Chocolate Cake -Moist chocolate cake iced with your choice of frosting - Pairs great with Chocolate Buttercream, Vanilla Buttercream, Cream Cheese


-Reese's Peanut Butter - Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Buttercream, drizzled with chocolate and topped with Reese's cup chunks


-German Chocolate - German Chocolate cake with chunks of German chocolate in the batter frosted with coconut pecan icing


-Chocolate Kahlua - Rich chocolate cake flavored with Kahlua and frosted with chocolate kahlua icing 


-Dark Chocolate Ganache - Dark Chocolate Cake frosted with vanilla buttercream then covered in decadent ganache


-Chocolate Chip - Moist yellow cake with milk chocolate chips frosted in rich chocolate buttercream


-Old Fashion- Our traditional yellow cake frosted in Chocolate Buttercream


-Red Velvet Cake -fluffy red velvet cake frosted with cream cheese icing


-Chocolate Salted Caramel- Chocolate Cake iced with a cream cheese salted caramel frosting


-Cookies n’ Cream- Our cookies n’ cream cake can be done two different ways- the first is our devil’s food cake with cookies n’ cream buttercream and the second is our classic white cake infused with chunks of crushed Oreo’s iced in vanilla buttercream


-Chocolate Nutella- Our Devils Food Cake layered with Nutella and Nutella Buttercream​


-Chocolate Mint- Classic Devil’s Food Cake iced in Mint buttercream then covered in decadent ganache with Andies mint chips


-Pink Strawberry Cake- Our Classic Vanilla Cake infused with pureed Strawberries- Pairs great with vanilla buttercream or Cream cheese icing


-Strawberry Shortcake- Vanilla cake layered with vanilla buttercream icing and fresh strawberries***


-Fresh Apple Cake- Brown Sugar cake laced with chunks of granny smith apples then glazed with a cooked brown sugar icing​ *Bundt Pan Only*

-Orange Cream Cheese Cake- Fresh orange cake frosted with an Orange Cream cheese frosting 


-Key Lime- A sweet key lime flavored cake frosted with a key lime buttercream


-Lemon Cake- A refreshing lemon cake frosted with a lemon buttercream


-Pink Lemonade Cake- Pink lemonade infused cake and frosted with lemon buttercream


-Banana Cake- Banana Cake frosted in Cream Cheese Icing

-Pineapple Shortcake- Vanilla layer cake soaked with sweet pineapple juice layered with vanilla buttercream and fresh crushed pineapple***


-7- up cake- Lemon Lime cake made with 7 up soda and frosted with lemon lime buttercream


-BlueberryBlueberry flavored cake iced with vanilla buttercream and garnished with fresh blueberries


-Coconut- Buttery coconut infused cake iced with coconut buttercream and packed with fresh flake coconut

Pound Cakes

*Bundt Pans only*

-Cream Cheese Pound


-Chocolate Cream Cheese Pound


-Lemon Pound Cake


-Pumpkin Pound Cake***


-Peppermint Pound Cake - Peppermint flavored pound cake frosted with a peppermint buttercream topped with andes cream mints***

Everything Else!

-Vanilla Birthday Cake- Moist Vanilla Cake frosted in Vanilla Buttercream


-Honey Bun Cake- Yellow Butter cake swirled with cinnamon, brown sugar and pecans frosted with vanilla buttercream


-Carrot Cake- Carrot cake filled with organic carrots, pecans, raisins and cinnamon iced with cream cheese frosting


-Bailey’s Irish Cream- Yellow Bailey’s Irish Cream cake frosted with Bailey’s cream cheese icing​


-Pumpkin Spice Cake- Pumpkin cake frosted in cream cheese icing ***


-Caramel Cake- A light caramel cake with caramel buttercream frosting


-Italian Cream Cake- A vanilla based cake with flake coconut and chopped pecans iced in cream cheese frosting​


-Butter Pecan Cake- A rich Butter Pecan flavored cake with chopped pecans and iced with vanilla Buttercream


-Sweet Potato- Our Sweet Potato and cinnamon cake iced in Marshmallow Buttercream frosting- Available bundt style or in a layer cake***



*** Cakes only offered seasonally***

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